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SICA's Energy Management System (EMS) is the successor web application to SIGEST and ENERGYCOST, integrating telemetry, as well as a new Software IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) that serves as Edge Computing, for real time and data processing.

The EMS automatically acquires energy and/or electrical data from the measurements made by means:

  • Telemetry of tax accountants
  • Real-time measurement analyzers

This system aims to use the monitoring and administration of energy consumption with the aim of optimizing the management of consumption, contracts, production periods and contracted power in order to produce savings and consumption planning, as well as energy efficiency in facilities or substations.

With this, we record historical data in DB SQLServer/Oracle in a logical, intelligent and structured way that after being processed and filtered become information that is sent to the EMS.

The EMS carries out the analysis of historical reports with a series of peculiarities that have been incorporated: it provides information not only to visualize what is consumed and how, but also has extras in its functionalities such as the automatic optimization of contracted powers or the comparison of contracts for all types of contracts that exist in the market.

These features include the following:

  • Analysis and Visualization of Energy Consumption
  • Energy Consumption by Tariff Periods
  • Power Analysis and Visualization
  • Power Optimization
  • Temporal Comparison
  • Comparison of CUPS or counters
  • Virtual Curve Simulation
  • Aggregate Consumption
  • Analysis and representation of the costs of a CUPS or CUPS aggregate
  • Auto Invoice Generation and Discharge System
  • Integration of Daily Obtaining and Storage of Prices, Components and Liquidations
  • Configurable Alert System
  • Consumption and Production Shift Management System
  • Automatic Visualization and Download of Technical Reports, Weekly or Monthly

It is a cloud system and the model works like SAAS (Software As A Server or Software conceived as a service), although the client who wishes it has his own installation of the Software in his own server being able to have only the service.

In addition, it is a multiplatform system, since it has the advantage that it is not necessary to install any client software and can be viewed from anywhere, with any device or operating system.



In Sica's EMS architecture, there are several data power supplies.

In those scenarios where there is an energy remote control or Scada, we receive energy and electrical data from these systems, working mainly with the WINCCOA and COPADATA platforms.

However, in scenarios where there is no remote control of energy or complementary to these, we have a software Edge computing, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) that configures and performs the readings of energy and electrical data to a network of analyzers connected to it.

The basic data source is the measurement of fiscal counters, carried out by telemetry with our Medcom Plus Software integrated in the system that sends the EMS the hourly and quarter-hourly load curve of the consumption of the connections in the substations or client installations.


Arquitectura EMS


For the determination of consumption costs and considering all types of prices and contracts, we obtain daily average hourly prices and components published in the ESIOS system, liquidated OMIE prices and components, and the evolution of the products to the OMIP future market.

Other components involved in the final cost are those obtained from the CNMC and the Spanish electricity network (REE).

Finally, in the analysis to determine the evolution of prices and the purchase opportunity in the futures market, we cross-check information obtained from EMET, NOAA, INE, raw materials market, etc.

Our EMS system provides an API for the integration and exchange of data with third party systems and services.


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