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Medcom is a universal communications application, through which we can extract and store meter readings.

Oriented to the EMS, it consists of its basic data power supply, from which we can obtain energy data from the telemetry of fiscal meters, acquiring and storing their curves of hourly and quarter-hour load of the consumptions in the connections of the installations or client substations.

The download of the curves can be via telephone or Ethernet, and can be done manually, or can be programmed to be done automatically, daily, weekly or monthly.

For those who wish it, it does not need a dedicated infrastructure for the server (with its modem, sim...). We remotely acquire the necessary variables proposed for analysis and provide them to the client or to the cloud in the event that the client only wants a Medcom Upgrade.

It is not only multiplatform from the point of view of the visualization dino also from the point of view of the installation, under multiple platforms either Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Centos ...) or Windows Server, making very flexible the options for the client.

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